Tapjoy Technology

We offer the most advanced analytics and live-operation technology.
Gain insight, take action, and ultimately grow your business with Tapjoy.

Flexible Cohort Analysis

No more generalizations, no more assumptions.

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Group your users by gameplay behavior, purchase patterns, social activity, referral channel, and infinitely many combination of these properties. You can use one of our preset user groups or customize them yourself.

Detailed User Segmentation

Boil down the users to channel your actions.

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It’s easier to plan a targeted content when you know more about your users and what they respond to. Create user segments by users’ purchase history, geographical region and device.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Reaching out to users has never been easier.

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Put insight from analysis directly into action. Plan targeted marketing campaigns by identifying users who need your attention the most. Tapjoy supports four major marketing content such as Announcement, In-App Product Promotion, Rewards, and Cross-Promotion.

Content A/B Testing

Find the right message for your users.

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With our A/B testing tool, you can easily test the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. When is the optimum time for a discount offer? How should you phrase your promotions to maximize installs? These are very difficult questions to answer without proper guidance.

Monetization Analysis

Visualize and monitor your sales in one sight.

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From the interactive dashboard, you can gain crucial insight to your game’s monetary performance. The real-time analyses will be your best guide in taking appropriate actions to maximize profit and user engagement.

Automatic Alert System

Always be the first one to know.

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Our state-of-the-art algorithms will automatically notify you when it detects anomalies in your data, whether it be a sudden loss of active users or a big jump in revenue. Steer your game into the right direction with the right knowledge.